Nozzles available in various sizes ranging from 5mm to 40mm in
pushfit & screw-on for membrane welding and heaters (upto 150mm)
Pressure Rollers
Available in 5mm Brass and 28/40/80mm Silcion
Stand-up Membrane Slitter – easily cut roofing membrane
standing up instead of on your hands and knees!

• Cuts straight or curved lines
• Yellow pointer helps user follow scribed lines
• Long 32” handle is easy to hold and ergonomically designed
• Equipped with easily removable blade catridge
• Weighs 7kgs

Heavyduty Membrane Rollers

– eliminate bubbles, waves,
folds, or crisps and easily roll out membrane systems.
• Rollers casted with heavy metal for maximum pressure
• Useful for field and sidelap areas of thick membranes
• 32” long handle with rubber grips for enhanced ergonomics
• 6” and 17” wide rollers available